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Spring and Thunder

Chasing storms across the central plains

© by Mike Olbinski / YouTube

Source | Mike Olbinski / YouTube | 06 April 2024 1 minute
“Not all who wonder are lost…some are just storm chasing”. Mike Olbinski is a Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ photographer specializing in timelapse. His passion came from an irrepressible desire to see what happens when a dust storm speeds up. And that’s also why Mike is on a mission, a mission to record as many storms as possible out on the central plains and in Arizona. His work can be seen in countless documentaries, commercials, films and television programs. And Mike’s ambition can be called limitless. Between April 15 and June 15, he had completed 18 chase days, driven 20.000 miles and shot almost 60,000 time-lapse frames. Kerry Muzzey’s score is also highly captivating! For more please check out