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Lightning and Thunder

The eruption of Volcano Calbuco

© by Timestorm Films / YouTube

Source | Timestorm Films / YouTube | 05 May 2024 1 minute
It all starts with gigantic, almost nuclear-looking mushroom clouds of smoke rising from the peak of Calbuco in southern Chile into the dramatic, reddish sky. Jonas Dengler and Martin Heck spent a few days on the neighboring volcano Osorno shooting timelapses before finding a good spot to get a decent view of the nearing inferno. The result of this quest is a stunning film showing the eruption of Calbuco in 8K and 4K and a fantastic score that captures the intense atmosphere. Timestorm Films, the makers of this remarkable footage, is a start-up media production company specializing in motion-control time-lapse cinematography that incorporates the latest and most advanced shooting and post-production techniques to capture footage of incredible detail and raw-beauty. For more please check out