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  • Boeing 747-400

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    A tribute to the Queen of the Skies

    Source | Wilbur Sargunaraj / Lufthansa / Hady Khandani 1 minute
    Join Cultural Intelligence facilitator and host Wilbur Sargunaraj as he talks to Lufthansa 747 captain Uwe Strohdeicher about the world’s most beloved airplane.

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    Dancing in the sky

    Source | Luca Bertossio / Red Bull / YouTube 1 minute
    Fly with the Red Bull X Glider Official Pilot Luca Bertossio through air, water, ground and fire and understand why glider planes are Luca’s biggest love in life!

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    Kids in zero gravity

    Source | Airborne Films / ESA / Novespace / YouTube 1 minute
    The European Space Agency and Novespace offered a weightless challenge to eight disabled kids, with the help of the association organizing the “Kids’ dreams” event.

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    Inside New York

    Source | British Airways / Lyn Slater / YouTube 1 minute
    Join the renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger Lyn Slater on a nice stroll through New York and explore the places everyone reads about.

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    Fly me to the pool

    Source | Round III Media / YouTube 1 minute
    Breathtaking drops from helicopters, youngsters being pulled at high speed along plastic swaths before diving into the pool.

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    For once you have tasted flight

    Source | pilotmaria / Youtube 1 minute
    Welcome on board! Today’s host is Maria Pettersson, the cheerful media star, selfie queen and professional pilot who will let you visit her at work.

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    Just jump an fly

    Source | GoPro / YouTube 1 minute
    Marshall Miller is excited, moved and close to tears prior to the challenge he is about to take on: a wingsuit jump from the top of the Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps.

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    Flying without wings

    Source | Harry Styles / VEVO / YouTube 1 minute
    Watch Harry Styles make a dream come true, singing in a meadow and soaring in the skies on the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland.