• Boeing 747-400

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    A tribute to the Queen of the Skies

    Source | Wilbur Sargunaraj / Lufthansa / Hady Khandani 1 minute
    Join Cultural Intelligence facilitator and host Wilbur Sargunaraj as he talks to Lufthansa 747 captain Uwe Strohdeicher about the world’s most beloved airplane.

New Arrivals

  • Antonov AN-225

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    The Ukrainian Dream

    Source | Antonov Company 2 minutes
    “Mriya” was destroyed during a Russian attack in February 2022. Now a tribute to the AN-225 has been created – a mechanical model called “Ukrainian Dream”.

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    BlackFly in the sky

    Source | Opener / YouTube 1 minute
    Blackfly is a personal air vehicle with safety as its highest priority. Fitted with the most modern flight systems, it provides a new way to confidently take to the skies.

Air & Space

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    Pilots of the Caribbean

    Source | Guillaume Laffon / Air France / YouTube 1 minute
    Watch this interesting split-screen video that combines a general view of the runway through the cockpit windshield with a shot of the pilots at work.

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    Welcome to Paradise City

    Source | Guillaume Laffon / Air France / YouTube 1 minute
    Join the crew of pilots of an Air France Airbus A340 during landing at Antigua.

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People & Places

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Science & Technology

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    The Lilium Jet all-electric air taxi

    Source | Lilium / Financial Times / YouTube 2 minutes
    The Lilium Jet is the world’s first all-electric jet-powered five-seater air taxi, capable of traveling up to 300 km in just 60 minutes with zero operating emissions.

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Nature & Weather

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    Steal like an eagle

    Source | Matt Beedle / GoPro / YouTube 1 minute
    This is what happens when you don’t watch your valuables on trips to Juneau in Alaska. The North American Bald Eagle is known for its vicious desire to steal electronic devices, did you know that?

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    Fly to save the earth

    Source | LightHawk 2 minutes
    LightHawk, a leading conservation organization that accelerates change through the aerial perspective, takes an impressive look into future of sea level rise.

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Trends & Stories

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    In the making

    Source | Airbus Aircraft / YouTube 1 minute
    Take an inside look at the painting process used by Airbus for its no. 1 A330neo jetliner which performed is first flight from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in 2017.

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    Piper – The Coolest Airport Dog Ever

    Source | Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Team 2 minutes
    He wears earmuffs and a black vest with the American flag sewn onto it. His specially-designed goggles are tailor-made to fit his long nose. Piper, the bird chaser!

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