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    Live from the flight deck

    Source | Live from the Flight Deck / Golfcharlie232 / YouTube 1 minute
    Boeing 737 airline pilot “Golfcharlie232” shares this great video with breathtaking and wistful views from the flight deck.

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    Take the sky above St. Moritz

    Source | Swiss / Lauschsicht / YouTube 1 minute
    Watch the amazing tête-à-tête of an SWISS Airbus A220 aircraft and Patrouille Suisse in the sky above St. Moritz on the occasion of the Alpine World Ski Championships.

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    For once you have tasted flight

    Source | pilotmaria / Youtube 1 minute
    Welcome on board! Today’s host is Maria Pettersson, the cheerful media star, selfie queen and professional pilot who will let you visit her at work.

New Arrivals

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    From sky to screen

    Source | Airborne Films / Vimeo 1 minute
    Stunning footage and incredible experience has turned Airborne Films into a worldwide leading company with extraordinary expertise in aerial cinematography.

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    Inside New York

    Source | British Airways / Lyn Slater / YouTube 1 minute
    Join the renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger on a nice stroll through New York and explore the places everyone reads about!

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    High-flying Epoxies

    Source | Epoxy Resin Committee 4 minutes
    There is a bright future ahead for epoxies used in aerospace applications and beyond. Cutting-edge solutions will enable the innovations of tomorrow fly even higher.

Air & Space

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    Welcome to Paradise City

    Source | Guillaume Laffon / Air France / YouTube 1 minute
    Join the crew of pilots of an Air France Airbus A340 during landing at Antigua.

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    Soaring into History

    Source | Perlan Project / Airbus / YouTube 1 minute
    The Airbus Perlan Mission II sets new record for glider altitude – engineless and seeks to push the boundaries of aerospace and discover more about climate change.

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People & Places

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    Kids in zero gravity

    Source | Airborne Films / ESA / Novespace / YouTube 1 minute
    The European Space Agency and Novespace offered a weightless challenge to eight disabled kids, with the help of the association organizing the “Kids’ dreams” event.

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Science & Technology

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    Changing the World

    Source | Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum / YouTube 1 minute
    Orville and Wilbur Wright got involved in aviation in the late 1890s and built a flyer in which all basic principles of modern airplanes are already embodied.

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    Make the impossible possible

    Source | NASA / YouTube 1 minute
    This is the exciting story of NASA’s research center Langley, the birthplace of America’s Space Program. 100 years ago something was established that changed the way we fly and the way we explore space.

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Nature & Weather

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    Steal like an eagle

    Source | Matt Beedle / GoPro / YouTube 1 minute
    This is what happens when you don’t watch your valuables on trips to Juneau in Alaska. The North American Bald Eagle is known for its vicious desire to steal electronic devices, did you know that?

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    Meet the Milky Way

    Source | SkyProduction / Sales Wick / Vimeo 1 minute
    A flight through the night! When a camera is statically aimed at the sky, the resulting footage resembles high-end pictures taken by telescopes or satellites.

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Trends & Stories

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    In the making

    Source | Airbus Aircraft / YouTube 1 minute
    Take an inside look at the painting process used by Airbus for its no. 1 A330neo jetliner which performed is first flight from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in 2017.

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    Piper – The Coolest Airport Dog Ever

    Source | Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Team 2 minutes
    He wears earmuffs and a black vest with the American flag sewn onto it. His specially-designed goggles are tailor-made to fit his long nose. Piper, the bird chaser!

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