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The beauty of Los Angeles International Airport

Airplanes Landing and Taking Off at LAX

© by Chris Pritchard and friends / YouTube

Source | Chris Pritchard and friends / YouTube | 06 February 2024 2 minutes
Over 3.5 years Chris Pritchard and his good friends have been working on a passion project, the idea was simply to capture the beauty of the LAX Los Angeles International Airport. As they started to capture this from the normal vantage points they quickly realized that they are going to need access. Long story short: Chris and his friends were able to arrange this and the project was officially started. They had the access they needed.

Getting to experience every aspect of LAX as a non-traveler and having the opportunity to work with so many people who help keep it operating has given Chris a new perspective on this place. Chris began to notice more and more things when not shouldered with the frenetic hustle of trying to catch a flight. He documented as many of them as he could. Only some of them made the final edit. There are many more he’d love to go back and document if given the opportunity. The attention to detail that goes in to every aspect of running a major airport is astounding. While its easy – and not without reason – to become frustrated with construction, traffic, delays, and all the issues afflicting modern air travel, Chris is also amazed and appreciates that this place operates as well as it does, safely and securely, day in and day out.

LAX moved about 87.5 million passengers in 2018, making it the 4th busiest airport in the world. It is the busiest for origins/destinations – more people start or end their travel at LAX than any other airport worldwide. Chris and his friends initially started work on this film to showcase layers of movement that look visually interesting, but came to view LAX as a city that most people only tangentially experience. These layers of movement are representative of tens of thousands of employees, each playing their own role in a complex puzzle to make it function for millions of people. Next time you find yourself there, take a moment and look around at all these layers of movement happening around you, inside and out.

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