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The Ukrainian Dream

A tribute to the world's largest aircraft Antonov AN-225 Mriya

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Source | Antonov Company | 11 February 2024 2 minutes

Become Part of the History of the Greatest Aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft the Mriya, meaning ’Dream’ in Ukrainian, was constructed by Ukrainian aircraft-manufacturer Antonov in 1988. The AN-225 “Mriya” was a super-heavy transport aircraft designed to carry twice the load of a Boeing 747 freighter. The massive 6-engine aircraft remained the flagship of the world aviation fleet for more than thirty years. With a wing-span nearly double the width of a football pitch, the AN-225 held several records, including heaviest aircraft ever built and largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. It quickly became a big attraction for aviation lovers and people from different countries thanks to its impressive takeoff and landings. However, the Mriya was destroyed during a Russian attack in February 2022.

Metal Time Workshop has created a tribute to the “Mriya” – a mechanical model called “Ukrainian Dream”. This unique building kit of the AN-225 aircraft is an officially licensed product and is produced under the relevant agreement with the state company Antonov, in partnership with the Ukrainian Postal Service. With each order, the chief pilot of Antonov Airlines, Dimitry Antonov himself, will personally sign the certificate of appreciation for you. Also as a sign of gratitude, each set will include the limited edition postage stamp “Ukrainian Dream”, which was issued by the Ukrainian postal service to support the return of the mighty “Mriya”. With this project, Metal Time Workshop will be supporting the restoration of the AN-225. The funds will also be used to aid in the training of new aircraft engineers and civil aviation pilots of Ukraine, and the restoration of the houses of Antonov workers destroyed by Russian troops as well as provide temporary housing for them.

Oleksandr Shyrkov, founder of Metal Time Workshop, lived next door to the Antonov factory as a child and remembers the impressive sounds of the engines of the Mriya being tested. The day the aircraft was destroyed, Oleksandr decided to recreate the plane and keep its spirits alive. The engineering team of Metal Time Workshop meticulously worked on the design of the DIY mechanical model of the AN-225 and are seeking your support for the mass production of their unique building kits to begin. The Metal Time Workshop invites you to be a part of the history of the reconstruction of the legendary aircraft.

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