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A tribute to the Queen of the Skies

Farewell to the iconic 747-400 passenger jumbo jet

© by Wilbur Sargunaraj / Lufthansa / Hady Khandani

Source | Wilbur Sargunaraj / Lufthansa / Hady Khandani | 14 April 2024 1 minute

As Cultural Intelligence facilitator and host Wilbur Sargunaraj embarks on an important trip home, he takes the opportunity to take one last flight on his beloved Boeing 747-400. For more than 30 years, it has been the backdrop to our everyday stories – starring in songs and movies, taking us around the world, bringing us together and bringing us home. Born out of the need to carry hundreds of passengers over long distances and make air travel accessible to everyone, the 747, and in particular its hugely popular 400 variant, revolutionized air travel as we know it. Unfortunately, the pandemic led to many airlines scrapping the rest of their four-engine fleets and retiring their 747-400s earlier than expected. Join Wilbur as he talks to Lufthansa 747 Captain Uwe Strohdeicher about the world’s most popular airplane. For more please check out and @wilburworldwide