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Inside New York

Exploring secret spaces with Lyn Slater

© by British Airways / Lyn Slater / YouTube

Source | British Airways / Lyn Slater / YouTube | 06 April 2024 1 minute
Lyn Slater is one of the top fashion bloggers and fashion icons who combines timeless elegance with avantgardistic tendencies. What’s so special about Lyn is the fact that she doesn’t care a whit about stereotypes and wears clothes she likes, no matter what. The studied social science professor has no fear of fashion experiments and her blog “Accidental Icon” as well as her Instagram account with over 670,000 followers are proof of her keen sense of style, design and charming individualism. In this video, the renowned blogger takes us on a little walk to explore secret gardens in Central Park and shows us the best independent bookstores in New York. She also points out the best place to get a dessert in the city that never sleeps. Her inside view of her favorite places are entertaining and illuminative alike. For more please check out