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Behind the scenes with comedian Asim Chaudhry

Let's have a look behind the scenes of the new British Airways safety video

© by British Airways / YouTube

Source | British Airways / YouTube | 06 February 2024 1 minute
“I’d rather go vegan than sit next to him on a 12-hour flight!” If you want to know who Gordon Ramsay is speaking about, take a look at this behind-the-scenes video talking about the filming of British Airways’ latest safety video, a collaboration between British Airways and Comic Relief, a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a just world free from poverty. Alex Cruz, British Airways’ chairman and CEO: “It’s extremely important to us that customers engage with our safety video, and involving some of the nation’s most well-known personalities has given us the chance to create something fun that we hope people will watch from start to finish – and remember. We’ve worked with Comic Relief since 2010 and our customers have already helped us generate £16.5 million for great causes. We hope the new video will enable us to exceed our goal of raising £20 million by 2020.” For more please check out and