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Three blondes and the Baltic Bees

Be a fighter pilot for one day with Pilot Maria and her girlfriends

Source | pilotmaria / YouTube | 06 February 2024 1 minute
“It’s someone’s dream and I’m actually doing this”. Pilot Maria Pettersson and her pilot girlfriends Maria Fagerström and Malin Osiban Rydqvist were invited to Riga by Migflug to fly with them and The Baltic Bees in their L39 Albatros aircraft! This once in a lifetime experience was an extraordinary event for the three ladies who not only fly for fun, but who earn a living by taking to the skies. The Baltic Bees Jet Team was formed in 2008 and until today the group has earned excellent reputation as a professional civilian aerobatic display team. And then there’s Maria. She is not just a regular airliner pilot, in the cockpit she’s the real selfie queen. The media star Maria Pettersson has managed to reach out to a huge number of fans, and several thousands of people are already following the cheerful Swede on Instagram. The strong-willed lady is definitely living her dream and admits that she worked hard for her dream to finally come true. She paid for her flight lessons in Sweden herself by working hard and saving up money, but now she’s more than happy to fly through Europe in a 737. Maria calls herself a pilot and lifestyle blogger and is a living proof that it is worthwhile following your heart and having fun! For more please check out and