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    Dreaming of a cloud

    Source | Lufthansa / YouTube 1 minute
    Lean back, relax and enjoy the beautiful cloud formations that pass by outside your cabin window.

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    Spring and Thunder

    Source | Mike Olbinski / YouTube 1 minute
    A storm is brewing. Watch the impressive time-lapse footage by Mike Olbinski of storms gaining in strength and power out on the central plains of Arizona.

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    Why do clouds stay up?

    Source | It's Okay To Be Smart / YouTube 1 minute
    Why do clouds that can be as heavy as a jumbo jet stay up and don’t fall back down onto the earth? And what’s this thing about buoyancy? Well, watch and learn!

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    Lightning and Thunder

    Source | Timestorm Films / YouTube 1 minute
    Witness the almost nuclear-looking mushroom cloud of smoke rising from the peak of Calbuco in southern Chile, filmed with high-end equipment and great skill.

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    Storm clouds of Wyoming

    Source | National Geographic / Nicolaus Wegner / YouTube 1 minute
    Watch the stunning fury and force behind supercell storms slowly forming and admire this skillful time-lapse piece of art by Nicolaus Wegner for National Geographic.