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Storm clouds of Wyoming

The erratic fury of supercell storms

© by National Geographic / Nicolaus Wegner / YouTube

Source | National Geographic / Nicolaus Wegner / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
The time-lapse technique is mysterious: somehow it slows down the world for the photographer, while – simultaneously – accelerating it for all the viewers. It conveys a feeling of calmness and speed in one single frame and let’s you come closer to your senses. The skillful use of this technique can be seen here in this thrilling video, when menacing storm clouds of Wyoming come swirling to life. “Stormscapes”, as they are called here, were created for National Geographic by photographer Nicolaus Wegner, a master of his craft. The world’s premium magazine lets you travel to the world’s most splendid destinations and lets you explore the excitement of various worlds in an unprecedented way. For more please check out