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Boeing factory visit in Seattle

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Source | / YouTube | 05 February 2024 1 minute
A gigantic hangar where people move around on caddies, bicycles or in cars: This is where two pilots meet, Manfred Schridde, Lufthansa’s Chief Technical Pilot, and Boeing’s Chief Test Pilot Gary Meiser, who gives his colleague a step-by-step tour through these famous halls. Over 1,200 new Triple Sevens have been assembled here since 1995. B777-200F, also known as D-ALFE, ist the fifth new airplane of the Lufthansa cargo fleet. The production company,, captures the fascination of flight from a pilot’s point of view – in unprecedented quality. episodes only show the most interesting and beautiful moments of each journey, a compelling mix of information and entertainment. The clips are made for aeronauts, air travelers, aviation enthusiasts and everyone else eager to experience an airline flight first-hand through “the pilot’s eye” in the cockpit itself – as close as never before. The pilots provide explanations of the procedures, while also letting the audience share more private conversations. For more please check out