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Goodbye Bobby

Last passenger flight of a Lufthansa Boeing 737

Source | Lufthansa / YouTube | 06 May 2024 1 minute
Bye-bye, Bobby! This is an emotional day for Lufthansa, for it is the last flight of its Boeing 737 model. For almost 50 years this aircraft has been of loyal service to Lufthansa and will therefore be bid farewell at Frankfurt Airport. Lufthansa Fleet Chief Ulrich Pade takes a walk down memory lane and outlines the history of the Boeing 737. The B737 was in service between 1968 and 2016 and covered an overall distance of 2.3 billion kilometers. As Pade points out, Lufthansa was once one of the main initiators for the construction of this aircraft model as they needed a jetplane for short distances. And that’s how the story began. For more please check out