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The F16 Blackbird painting process

© by Happy Design Studio / Vimeo

Source | Happy Design Studio / Vimeo | 06 May 2024 1 minute
Does your F16 Blackbird aircraft require a new coat of paint? Looking for something unique and unconventional? Well, here it is! When choosing a new look for an aircraft, manufacturers or even private owners have to make different choices to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to find a look they really like. Happy Design Studios has chosen its very own way of approaching this rather complex task. The company ignores marketing stereotypes, does not carry out market analyses and is definitely not an advertising agency. It creates unique aircraft liveries and supervises the entire painting process in order to ensure the exact match with the original project validated by their clients. It seeks to create a world of surprises where astonishment and professionalism are united to serve clients with open mind and audacity. For more please check out