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Flying the Red Seven

Accompany the pilot in the legendary Me 109

© by Flugmuseum Messerschmitt / YouTube

Source | Flugmuseum Messerschmitt / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
Enjoy the legendary Me 109 G4 “Red Seven” at the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight from a pilot’s perspective. The Messerschmitt Me 109 is a German World War II fighter aircraft and considered the backbone of the German air force’s fighter force. It was designed on the principle that later defined muscle cars: small frame, enormous powerplant. The formula worked for this, perhaps the finest of all World War II fighter planes. The great success and longevity of the Messerschmitt Me 109 can be attributed to its straight and simple design. In 1934, Messerschmitt engineers sought to place the biggest possible engine in the smallest possible airframe, and make that airframe easy to produce and repair. But the Me 109 was not an easy plane to fly. It was tricky to take off and land. It is hard to believe that it was once unwanted at its inception, but became the most widely manufactured, respected and most varied Luftwaffe fighter. Over 30,000 units of the nine major variants were manufactured. It was initially used in the Spanish Civil War and the last Me 109 model was put out of operation in 1967 from the Spanish Air Force. For more please check out