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Airbus factory visit in Toulouse

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Source | / YouTube | 05 May 2024 1 minute
Accompany Jürgen Raps to the Airbus plant in Toulouse – right before delivery of the first A380. Raps describes the feeling of seeing an aircraft being assembled as uplifting and highly fascinating. The video also gives its viewers the rare opportunity to peek into the unfinished cabin and cockpit of this aircraft. It’s amazing to see the naked shell construction that is later hidden behind panels and invisible to the passenger’s eye. At this stage it seems unbelievable that there are people who know exactly where the multitude of wires and cables leads to. The production company,, captures the fascination of flight from a pilot’s point of view – in unprecedented quality. The groundbreaking HD recording technique comprising ten HD cameras and eight microphones guarantees a true-to-life experience from the plane’s control center. For more please check out