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Three colors in the sky

The Patrouille de France at its best

© by Airborne Films / Patrouille de France / Vimeo

Source | Airborne Films / Patrouille de France / Vimeo | 05 May 2024 1 minute
The first French precision aerobatic team was founded in 1931 and has ever since demonstrated aerial acrobatics at its best. Since then the team has included a variety of different airplane types, the latest one being the Alpha Jet. The average age of most pilots is 30 to 33 years, the period of service is three years on average. France’s national holiday is the only day at which the patrouille flies with nine instead of eight aircrafts. In 2009, the Patrouille de France appointed Commandant Virginie Guyot as their leader – the first woman in history to lead a demonstration team. For more please check out and