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Behind the Scenes

The making of amazing air-to-air footage

© by American Airlines / YouTube

Source | American Airlines / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
Take a look behind the scenes of the making of the latest 787 air-to-air footage. This aircraft model, also referred to as Dreamliner, features industry-leading technology, such as unparalleled fuel efficiency and range flexibility for optimum fleet and network performance. When watching this video, you might think that the footage was computer-generated, but this is not the case! The production company, Wolfe Air, plays with light and angles and shows the Dreamliner in a way most people never get to see it. The Dreamliner is not only an iconic model, it is also a central part of American Airline’s fleet modernization program. The video and various stills are used in a variety of different media. All footage was shot on board a Learjet that was tailored to the needs of high-end photography. For more please check out