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Flying on the edge

© by GoPro / Uli Emanuele / YouTube

Source | GoPro / Uli Emanuele / YouTube | 05 February 2024 1 minute
The first thing that comes to one’s mind when watching this video is how difficult it can be to go through the eye of a needle, and yet Uli Emanuele tries just this in a breathtaking attempt to prove his outstanding capabilities as a base jumper. And this jump can be regarded the most technical and difficult base jump ever or perhaps even a world record jump. Emanuele wears just his wingsuit and his hiking poles. He climbs to his exit point and is completely aware of the fact that there is no turning back, but base jumping is not a sport for the faint-hearted among us. It requires enormous training and concentration always knowing that this dangerous jump could be the last one. Sadly, Uli Emanuele died at the age of 30 in Switzerland while performing a base jump, but we are grateful to be able to discover the magic this courageous and daring pilot left behind for us to see. For more please check out