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Cargo to Hong Kong

AeroLogic approach at Hong Kong International Airport

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Source | / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
Light green surfaces blending into the darker water areas under grey skies. This Boeing 777 cargo aircraft approaches Hong Kong International Airport in unfavorable weather conditions with a typhoon building up. Typhoons, also known as tropical cyclones, pose a great danger to air travel in the affected regions. But our crew arrives on the ground safely and provides us with educating insights into landing procedures of a cargo flight. episodes only show the most interesting and beautiful moments of each journey, a compelling mix of information and entertainment. The clips are made for aeronauts, air travelers, aviation enthusiasts and everyone else eager to experience an airline flight first-hand through “the pilot’s eye” in the cockpit itself – as close as never before. The pilots provide explanations of the procedures, while also letting the audience share more private conversations. For more please check out