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Major components of an airplane

© by Special VFR Productions / YouTube

Source | Special VFR Productions / YouTube | 06 February 2024 1 minute
Airplanes can be made up of thousands of individual parts ranging from simple pieces made of wood or fabric to high-tech and most sophisticated components. Although planes come in the most different shapes and designs, most of them share the same basic design components. This animated video is highly educational and outlines not only the most important components of any plane, such as fuselage, empennage, wings, landing gear and powerplant. Special VFR Productions is the multimedia production company within the Flight Department of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach Campus and is responsible for creating all of the digital media for their flight students and staff. They also produced an incredible free introduction to aviation, known as Aviation 101. For more please check out and