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Wun|der|flug {ˈvʊndɐfluːk}, der; -s- ‹Ger.› noun, masculine; curated online magazine for aviation enthusiasts, covering the topics of air, space, people, places, traveling, science, technology, nature, weather, trends, stories, enthusiasm, fascination and inspiration.

Welcome to Wunderflug. Wunderflug is a curated online magazine for aviation enthusiasts worldwide. We research exciting, entertaining and emotional stories from the fields of science, nature and life all over the globe. Our focus is on people, technology and places in the fascinating world of flying.

The mosaic composition of breathtaking videos, great pictures and exciting reports defines the special character and the uniqueness of Wunderflug. In the categories Air & Space, People & Places, Science & Technology, Nature & Weather and Trends & Stories, we follow the flight to San Francisco International Airport live in the cockpit of an airliner, we soar from the peak of Burj Khalifa on the back of an eagle, we take a close look at the interior of the most modern engines or let ourselves be fascinated by the lights of thousands of aircraft in the night sky – and much more of course.

Our small Munich-based team consisting of journalists, pilots and globetrotters around Wunderflug founder Michael Herrmann, a passionate aviator himself, combines boundless enthusiasm and passion for aviation. With Wunderflug we share the fascination and inspiration of flying in its most exciting and beautiful facets. Join us and present your best pictures, movies and stories on Wunderflug. Take to the skies.