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What is solar impulse?

Clean technologies can change the world

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Source | Solar Impulse / YouTube | 06 April 2024 1 minute
Not one single drop of fuel, not one molecule of toxic emissions. This adventure proves that clean technologies can change the world. If an airplane is capable of flying day and night without fuel, is it possible to adapt these technologies to life on the ground to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 50 percent and more, thus saving natural resources and improving the quality of life for us all? This quest has answered quite a few questions. On 9 March 2015, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg began to circumnavigate the globe with Solar Impulse 2. They departed from Abu Dhabi and the aircraft was scheduled to return there in 2016 after 17 stages around the world. With their stretch Japan to Hawaii, which covers a distance of 8,300 kilometers, the pilots set a new long-distance record for solar-driven planes. When returning to Abu Dhabi on 26 July 2016, the plane had been en route for more than 16 months, had completed the approximately 42,000 kilometers and was thus the first solar-driven plane to circumnavigate the Earth. For more please check out