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Welcome to the tunnel

Indoor-Skydiving with Maja Kuczynska

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Source | Spiegel TV / YouTube | 06 May 2024 1 minute
Indoor-Skydiving. What on earth is that? According to Maja Kuczynska, it feels a bit like sticking your face out of a really fast car. Maja’s moves in the wind tunnel look as if there were no gravity. Her introduction to skydiving was a tandem jump with her father as a 10-year-old. After that she decided to train in the sport. Five years later, during the official FAI competition in Prague, she became the junior champion in freestyle. Her family lived in Munich and Paris but it was in Prague where one of the first aerodynamic tunnels had opened, that she trained in skydiving. Her talent, her passion, and her professionalism have turned a young girl with a passion for flying into one of the best athletes in this discipline. For more please check out