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Up Up and Away

On a rocket launch to space

© by GoPro / YouTube

Source | GoPro / YouTube | 06 May 2024 1 minute
On November 6, 2015 UP Aerospace Inc. launched the 20-foot tall SL-10 rocket into space. The mission was undertaken to deploy the Maraia Capsule testing the aerodynamics and stability of the payload on re-entry into the atmosphere. The rocket reached an altitude of 396,000ft and speeds up to Mach 5.5 – 3,800 mph or 6,115 km/h – at engine burnout. GoPro attached some of their cameras to this sounding rocket. The cameras captured the entire launch and descent of the rocket, as well as the moment when it deployed its cargo. The change of sounds is amazing – from loud sizzles and fiery roars at takeoff to soft swishes in a futuristic near-space atmosphere in glide mode. For more please check out