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The driving force before takeoff No17 Bonus "A Pusher's Life"

A Pusher‘s Life – die treibende Kraft am BodenIn gewohnter Manier zeigt der 90-minütige Film – neben dem Cockpit – das Fluggeschehen aus seltener Perspektive. Diesmal vom “Boden der Tatsachen“, aus der Sicht eines Pushback-Fahrers am Münchener Flughafen.Gerhard Ruhland hat in der Tat eine bewegende Vergangenheit. Seit 25 Jahren schiebt und zieht er Flugzeuge mit bis zu 560 Tonnen über das Vorfeld, macht Bereitstellungen und zeigt für manch interessante – für Passagiere verborgene – Ansichten der Flugzeuge. Wer weiß schon, was unter dem Flugzeug während des Ablegens vom Gate wirklich passiert? zeigt in Folge 17 “Good Bye, Boeing – Ausge­flottet”einen der letzten Flüge mit einer Boeing 737 der airberlin nach Ägypten ans rote Meer.// english // A Pusher‘s Life – the driving force before takeoffAs viewers have come to expect from productions, the 90-min film also prominently features a rather different perspective on the fascination of aviation: as a Munich Airport pushback driver lays the “groundwork” for a successful takeoff. Gerhard Ruhland has, literally, led a moving life. An employee of Munich Airport for over 25 years, Gerhard pushes and pulls airplanes of up to 550 tons around the runway apron, takes care of supplies and deliveries, and presents with a few uniquely interesting – and for passengers normally inaccessible – perspectives of “his” planes. For who really knows what happens below the plane during cast-off?Shop for DVD, Blu-ray and Video on demand EAN 4260139480272 • ISBN 978-3-943781-27-4 • ASIN B01A10OXK6BD: EAN 4260139480371 • ISBN 978-3-943781-37-3 • ASIN B01A10OXGKSUBTITLES: ENGLISH • DEUTSCH • FRANCAISE • ESPANOL •REGION: Worldwide (no restrictions)VIDEOFORMAT: DVD – 576i50 (PAL) | Blu-ray 1080p24 MPEG4SPECIAL: Autolooping main feature

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Gerhard Ruhland has worked as an employee at Munich Airport for over 25 years. He sometimes causes great irritation among people when explaining his profession. Gerhard is a pusher. Yes, it’s true, although this term is in fact very misleading. What exactly does a pusher do? A pusher pushes and pulls airplanes of up to 550 tons around the runway apron and takes care of supplies and deliveries. But why is this necessary? The answer is quite simple: Aircraft have no reverse gear, and therefore need assistance when leaving their parking positions, the so-called pushback. For Gerhard lets you sneak-peek into an area that is usually inaccessible to passengers. For more please check out