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The Future of Airliners

Marvel at the Aurora D8 Project

© by Real Engineering / Aurora Flight Sciences / YouTube

Source | Real Engineering / Aurora Flight Sciences / YouTube | 06 February 2024 1 minute
Brian is an engineer form Galway, Ireland. He’s a biomedical and aeronautical engineer who got frustrated with the way engineering is portrayed in popular culture. As he believes that engineers create positive change in this world and have the potential to encourage and inspire future engineers as well, he started to embark on his new private journey. He created Real Engineering to demonstrate the amazing engineering that lies behind everyday things. He loves to deal with topics that most people have already asked themselves, such as: “why are plane windows round”? And then he sets out to discover the science and history behind it. When Brian started Real Engineering, it was just him. He wrote, animated and voiced all the films himself. Today he cooperates with a small production team, including another engineer/animator. In 2016, Brian managed to turn his channel into a full-time job. As all of his great projects require investment, your donation will help not only Brian live his dream, but to ensure that more great clips will make the complex world of engineering a little bit more comprehensible. For more please check out