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    Fly to save the earth

    Source | LightHawk 2 minutes
    LightHawk, a leading conservation organization that accelerates change through the aerial perspective, takes an impressive look into future of sea level rise.

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    Helvetia by Night

    Source | SkyProduction / Vimeo 1 minute
    This expedition at night leads you to mysterious places in Switzerland and lets you experience the beauty of Helvetia by night.

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    Why do clouds stay up?

    Source | It's Okay To Be Smart / YouTube 1 minute
    Why do clouds that can be as heavy as a jumbo jet stay up and don’t fall back down onto the earth? And what’s this thing about buoyancy? Well, watch and learn!

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    What a wonderful world

    Source | Dustin Farrell / YouTube 1 minute
    The breathtaking images of different landscapes are unmistakable and unique and were created by Dustin Farrell.