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Men In Black Safety Defenders

Air New Zealand inflight safety video

© by Air New Zealand / YouTube

Source | Air New Zealand / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
Do the right thing! What happens when an airline gets the impression that passengers don’t really pay attention to safety instructions prior to take-off although this information might save people’s life? That’s what Air New Zealand thought and resorted to very special Men In Black to brief their passengers. This highly entertaining clip was created in cooperation with Sony Pictures and sets new standards for infotainment. Buckle up as the boys in black help you learn the ropes of safety on aircraft. The three agents, by the way, are Stan Walker, Rip Torn and – Frank the Mug, sorry, the Pug. If you’re interested in other unconventional safety videos, just visit Air New Zealand’s website and learn more about safety in Hollywood and what Middle-earth has to do with modern air travel. For more please check out