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Meet the Milky Way

Flying through the night

© by SkyProduction / Sales Wick / Vimeo

Source | SkyProduction / Sales Wick / Vimeo | 06 February 2024 1 minute
When the camera is statically aimed at the sky, the resulting footage resembles high-end pictures taken by telescopes or satellites. Flying through the night is rather common for longhaul pilots all over the world. Depending on the direction of the flight, passengers and crew end up having a short night or experiencing eternal darkness. There’s probably no place on earth where the Milky Way can be seen more clearly in all its beauty than in a plane’s cockpit. This video was produced by SkyProduction and is also a very good of example of how a great choice of music can enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of footage. SkyProduction started out in the sky by producing footage about life and work in the air but has now become a renowned film production which also focuses on short films, series and commercials for other sectors of everyday life. For more please check out