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How airplanes are made?

MinutePhysics reveals how airplanes are manufactured

© by MinutePhysics / Henry Reich / YouTube

Source | MinutePhysics / Henry Reich / YouTube | 05 February 2024 1 minute
“Airplanes are basically pressurized cylinders zooming through the air”. Well, we already knew that, but how are airplanes really made and can the complex subject matter be explained in simple words? Well, that’s a rather demanding task, but MinutePhysics succeeds. Airbus in France provided valuable facts about aircraft construction as exemplified by the Airbus 350 which is built here. When asked how he got all the lovely ideas for his videos, Henry Reich, the talent behind these highly entertaining clips, responded as follows: “All over the place! Sometimes things I learned when I was actively studying physics, sometimes from books or articles or papers I read or questions people ask me, or sometimes I’ll see something interesting and it’ll be the seed for a video. The real trick, in fact, isn’t coming up with ideas – it’s figuring out which ideas are actually interesting enough to make into a video, and then picking between those which to make next.” Highly enjoyable and educating! For more please check out