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Catch Kirby if you can

Air race pilot Kirby Chambliss tests his speed

© by Red Bull / YouTube

Source | Red Bull / YouTube | 05 February 2024 1 minute
Is this a scene from the latest James Bond movie or a hot rodder on the loose? Nope, this is Kirby Chambliss preparing for the Air Race in Fort Worth, Dallas. The challenges at this event are high. The Red Bull Air Race pilots navigate through a low-level race track full of pylons and reach speeds of up to 230 mph and g-forces up to 10. The aim of the show is, of course, to complete the course at the fastest possible time while specially designed inflatable pylons, known as Air Gates, block their way. But Kirby Chambliss is a pro, and there’s only little chance that the Fort Worth police will ever issue a speeding ticket. Please do not try this at home! For more please check out