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Bearing dreams into reality

Breathtaking view during a flight with the Zeppelin NT

© by Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei / YouTube

Source | Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei / YouTube | 05 May 2024 1 minute
“The space of the spirit, where it can spread its wings, that is the silence” (Antoine de Saint Exupéry). This appears to be the motto of this breathtaking video that offers an entirely new experience and new perspectives. Zeppelin NT is an airship model that is being constructed in Friedrichshafen since the 1990s and is used solely for tourist, research and supervisory purposes. The semi-rigid Zeppelin NT is built around a framework of high-strength, lightweight carbon-fiber and aluminum. The Zeppelin NT is longer than a Boeing 747 airliner but its primary structure weighs only about 1,000 kg. The Zeppelin is filled with non-flammable helium and holds room for two pilots and up to 15 passengers. Around 12,000 passengers annually share this unique moment when gliding almost silently above Lake Constance at a perfect height of 1,000 feet. For more please check out