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Aviation and music in mood

The wonderful Aviation Lounge by

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Source | / YouTube | 05 April 2024 1 minute
Watch this great video and get carried away by flashing runway lights, snowy mountains peaks, flights right through wafts of mist, melancholic sunsets and billowing seas of clouds…The impressive views from the cockpit are mixed with lounge, chill-out and score music that emphasizes the strong images. The production company,, captures the fascination of flight from a pilot’s point of view – in unprecedented quality. episodes only show the most interesting and beautiful moments of each journey, a compelling mix of information and entertainment. The clips are made for aeronauts, air travelers, aviation enthusiasts and everyone else eager to experience an airline flight first-hand through “the pilot’s eye” in the cockpit itself – as close as never before. The pilots provide explanations of the procedures, while also letting the audience share more private conversations. For more please check out